Rent meeting rooms on your own terms

A situation may well arise when due to an unexpected business crisis, a client turning up out of the blue or for any other reason you urgently need a calm space to discuss important matters. This is why our meeting room rental system is based on hourly fees, so that our spaces can be rented in a flexible, predictable way, at most times immediately. Each of our meeting rooms can be booked for short time periods, on an ad hoc basis, or even for an hour each week or month.

One of the main advantages of coworking offices is that tenants do not need any other office supplies except for a notebook. The office makes every device available for photocopying, printing or any other activity in connection with the job. Separated meeting rooms of FRoffice offer exactly the same. Our meeting room, accommodating 8 to 10 people is equipped with widescreen television and flipchart, thus, success lies only in your own presentation and power of persuasion. Our comfortable mastermind room for 4 to 16 people is decorated with warm colours ensuring a cosy interior, which can affect the atmosphere of a meeting,training or workshop. Meetings that are confidential or require a great deal of concentration can be conducted in our coaching room, accommodating 2 people.

If the space rented for our meeting is equipped inconveniently, thus, making it difficult for participants to connect, it can endanger the success of the whole negotiation process. According to studies, if a space radiates warmth, it boosts creativity and willingness for teamwork, while a rigid space triggers adverse feelings: anxiety and distrust. The quality of furniture placed in the meeting room is equally important. It is vital that the conference table is large enough, so that all participants can place their notes, materials or a glass of water on it. Chairs shall be soft with comfortable armrests, making sure that no one feels uncomfortable, even in the case of a prolonged meeting.

Speaking of comfort, ventilation of the meeting room and an appropriate temperature is also substantial. After a few hours, oxygen levels in a room can decrease drastically, making participants fatigued and uneasy. Therefore, one of the most crucial piece of equipment in a meeting room is a ventilation system, or windows that can be opened to let in fresh air, without creating a draft or noise. With summers getting hotter and hotter, equipping meeting rooms with effective air conditioners is a must, especially since business etiquette requires long sleeve shirts and jackets, regardless of outside temperatures.

Rentable meeting spaces at FRoffice meet all the above mentioned criteria, which is half the battle won when speaking of business success.

FRoffice – Rent meeting rooms and offices in one venue

The main virtue of an open office is its openness. There are, however, situations when it is vital that we can retreat and discuss in peace what is on our mind, conduct a training or brainstorm about a project. This is why FRoffice offers several private spaces of different size, equipped with every tool our clients might need.

We have created FRoffice so that it fulfils the needs of our every tenant, whether they are freelancers or micro entrepreneurs. Our rental packages are flexible, thus, our tenants are able to rent an office, separated meeting room or workstation for a whole year or even for a day only. Tables are not fixed, so they can be moved around the rented office space. Thanks to a gate passcode system, the office is also available outside worktime, early in the morning, late in the evening, or even on weekends. Reserved time slots can be modified or cancelled freely, therefore, the leasing process adapts seamlessly to the lifestyle and working hours of our tenants. Our office is dog-friendly, so you will never have to leave your pet alone during the day.

The enormous, roomy office space is equipped with comfortable, functional office furniture, making work a delight. Our community space, restrooms with shower and an equipped kitchen are there to use for all our tenants. Efficient air conditioning makes sure that nothing prevents effective work, even in the hottest weather. If needed, cleaning can also be requested for the office spaces and workstations, carried out by a professional cleaning company.

FRoffice is located in a fashionable, faithfully restored historic building. Professional devices and tools, widescreen television, flipchart and safe, steady and fast business Wi-Fi are provided in all our meeting rooms. Safety is guaranteed by an alarm and professional camera surveillance system, while valuables kept in the office can be stored in a lockable safe.

Our office building is centrally located in the buzzing core of the capital, in the 13th district, at the intersection of Dózsa György út and Lehel utca. We are accessible by subway M3 (Lehel tér station), tram number 12 or 14 (stop Lehel utca – Dózsa György út), trolleybus number 75 or 79 (stop Lehel utca – Dózsa György út) or by bus number 30 or 230 (stop Vágány utca – Dózsa György út). Several cookshops, fast food joints, restaurants and even a food market is available within walking distance.

This all is provided on a competitive price, with flexible, tailor-made offers.

Mastermind room – Where great thinkers meet

Trainings are vital to develop the professional knowledge of colleagues, and to introduce them to the latest professional trends. This can be done the most efficiently if the training is held in a dedicated space in the office, and not at an external location. If our company is an expert on its field, sooner or later it is going organize professional workshops, as well. At these workshops, workers of the given field and those interested are working together. To be able to do this, the workshop must be held at a location that is easily accessible, hosts a suitable room and can be rented simply, without limitations.

The mastermind room of FRoffice, accommodating 4 to 16 people, is an ideal place for workshops and trainings. The head of the session will only need their professional knowledge; we take care of every other detail. If needed, our partner company can also offer catering services, taking even more load off the shoulders of the organizers.

In the case of smaller, recently established entrepreneurship, it is common that once business starts blooming, they intend to hire several new colleagues at once. If the company’s headquarters is in an open office with lots of tenants, it is not the most ideal place to conduct a serious job interview. Similarly, a crowded coffee shop is also not the most fitting venue to test the professional qualities of our future colleagues. Moreover, in this case, we even risk losing potential candidates, because due to the suboptimal interview location they might question our professionalism, and choose our competitors instead.

Tenants of FRoffice have this problem sorted: they are able to use our mastermind room to interview their future colleagues. Several interviewers can be present in the spacious room at the same time, without creating an anxious, uncomfortable situation. This way, candidates are able to act calmly, and showcase their real talents.

The lighting and comfortable interior of the space also makes it possible to organize professional photoshoots. To do so, a quiet, peaceful location is needed, where one can discuss the concept of the pictures with the photographer, store the equipment during the shoot, and also scroll through the results without worrying about disturbing effects. Similarly, if one would like to shoot a video for a recent project, but the volume of the company doesn’t require to book an entire studio, the mastermind room of FRoffice can be rented only for a couple of hours. If the workday is prolonged, it is possible to lengthen the time period of booking.

Coaching room, a peaceful island of serenity

It is often a problem for freelance language teachers to find the ideal venue for education. If lessons are conducted in the teacher’s apartment, it makes separation of work and private life more difficult. Besides that, unless there is a separate room for education, the surroundings can easily distract the attention of the student. Lessons can also be held in a peaceful coffee shop, but these places often don’t tolerate if someone takes one of their tables for a whole day, not to mention all the disturbing factors in such surroundings.

Due to the sensitive nature of the topic and in order to guarantee an undisturbed discussion, conducting a coaching or therapy session requires a separate room. It can be a corner of the therapist’s apartment remodelled for this purpose, one of the rooms of a larger property rented by a professional community, or a rented flat. It is not common that therapists create their own therapy or coaching room in their homes, while other rental methods come with several strings attached, are usually quite inflexible, and also expensive at first because of the security deposit.

The coaching room at FRoffice provides a solution to all these problems. The room, decorated with cosy, warm colours is the perfect venue to conduct a therapy session or language lesson. The room is quiet, peaceful, with an optimal size for 2 people. This way, professionals and their clients can concentrate solely on studying or talking. The room can be leased in a rental system with hourly fees; there is no base fee or minimal rental time set. It is available any time for the exact time period the job requires or the number of clients justifies. Thus, it is not only an ideal, but also a highly cost effective solution.

Before you decide to rent

When renting a space at FRoffice, you are required to pay at least 50% of the full price as deposit. The rest is to be payed thereafter, but not later than 48 hours before the beginning of rental. If you cancel your booking more than 2 weeks before your time slot, you will get the whole amount back. 1 week before your rental 50% can be reimbursed, while if cancelling less than 48 hours before, the deposit cannot be refunded. If you would like to change your time slot, you can do that at least 48 hours before your rental begins. A VAT-exempt invoice is issued for the rental fee.

Come and take a look around FRoffice! Contact us via our website, and find your place in our community.